Top Tip #17

Top Tip #17

Buy your Promotional Merchandise from us!

Happysmile Ltd is endorsed by the ‘BPMA’ meaning you will benefit from our:


  • Happysmile follows a strict BPMA code of conduct to protect end users

Knowledge and expertise

  • A written product specification will be produced and agreed
  • Samples can be provided to ensure sufficient product quality
  • A production and delivery schedule will be issued as part of our contract with you

Commitment to quality

  • From planning through to evaluation, we will help you to deliver the best possible solution to your client.
  • Quality control procedures ensure our merchandise complies with relevant legislative and safety controls


  • A full quotation will be provided on receipt of the detailed brief. Any additional cost e.g. delivery, tooling etc will be clearly shown
  • Should things go wrong, we will contact you immediately to offer alternative solutions


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