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Selling is a Life Skill we all employ

Like it or not we all live by “Selling” something in one form or another. Sales is defined as the exchange of a commodity for money, reciprocal services or other forms of compensation. In its simplest form it is the basis of all commercial activity. We all need to sell […]

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Promotional Products Work - Top 5 desktop items...

Promotional Products Work: Top 5 Desktop Ideas

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5 Steps to Promotional Success

Successful promotional marketing campaigns don’t happen by chance. Like any solid marketing program, they require careful thought and planning. It goes without saying that a budget must be considered, but before you begin you must take in to account other factors, such as your target audience and what your ultimate […]

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The Problem With QR Codes

One last post about QR Codes as I thought this would round off our recent insight to this area. The video below is a funny take on QR codes and what the problem is with them, however before you agree with our exponent that these black and white dots are useless stains […]

QR Codes: The Hidden Sound

Continuing with the QR theme from our last post, I came across a brilliant QR Poster Campaign run by an advertising agency based in in Hong Kong for an independent music store, Zoo Records. The campaign won Leo Burnett Worldwide the Gold Lion Award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a global […]

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Pause For Thought: The Habit of Change

We are all Creatures of Habit  in life and in business. Do you take the same route to work each day? Do you park in the same place at the supermarket? Do you use the same locker in the gym? Do you prospect for work in the same way that […]

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