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Why Promotional Products Work

Marketing is a hard beast to crack, regardless of which industry you work in, and especially for small businesses. Recent research has suggested that unless brands are willing and able to invest their money in more memorable means of communicating their message, they could be completely wasting their marketing budgets […]

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Promotional Products Work - Top 5 desktop items...

Promotional Products Work: Top 5 Desktop Ideas

QR Codes: The Hidden Sound

Continuing with the QR theme from our last post, I came across a brilliant QR Poster Campaign run by an advertising agency based in in Hong Kong for an independent music store, Zoo Records. The campaign won Leo Burnett Worldwide the Gold Lion Award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a global […]

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Top 5 Craziest Stressball Requests

Today we are sharing a guest post with you, from the UK’s only European maker of stress items. The blog post shares the business’ favourite five stressball requests; against all sense and reason, ALL of these products were actually made here in the UK! 1. Earplugs for Horses! Sulky is a form […]

Chocolate – The Perfect Gift For Christmas

Did you know: chocolate prompts the same effects as a mild anti-depressant by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain? What better time of year to increase endorphin levels and happiness in your work place than Christmas? It’s a period when many of us in the business world like […]

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Fresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas: Promotional Ice Scrapers

Did you know: 75% of households in Great Britain have access to a car which accounts to 32.9 million vehicles on our roads? That’s not even to mention those who drive a commercial vehicle. The clocks have gone back and winter is fast approaching. On those freezing cold, frosty mornings […]

Fresh Ideas: Cold Hands, Warm Heart

                                     Did you know: Our core body temperature is around 37°C? Dropping just a few degrees below that can cause fatigue, lethargy and clouds your consciousness. Summer has been and gone and we are certainly starting to feel the cold as we enter into the winter months… Why not […]

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