Branded Stress Items

Horse plugs

Top 5 Craziest Stressball Requests

Today we are sharing a guest post with you, from the UK’s only European maker of stress items. The blog post shares the business’ favourite five stressball requests; against all sense and reason, ALL of these products were actually made here in the UK! 1. Earplugs for Horses! Sulky is a form […]

Top Tip #6

Determine A Theme For Your Promotion, If Appropriate:

Building your message around a theme helps to plant your message in your target audience’s mind.  Relevance is Key; is your chosen promotional gift relevant to your project / initiative / service offering you are promoting?

The more relevant and tightly associated your promotional products are with the brand you are trying to promote, the more powerfully the message will be received and the stronger the associations with your products and services will be.

An IT Software Testing and Quality Assurance Provider wanted to promote its Testing Services to their Clients and Prospects at a Trade Show, and therefore used a Stress Pill to promote their services.

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