Promotional Merchandise: Product Lifespans, Popularity and Impact on Branding

Research, carried out by Source-e, has revealed some extremely positive statistics for Promotional Merchandise in terms of an items lifespan, popularity and its impact on branding. The survey confirms that the British public don’t only retain these items on their desk but also carry these items with them at all times in their briefcase, work bag or hand bag. David Lebond, Chairman of the British Promotional Merchandise Association, adds that “recipients are making valuable use of them on a regular basis”.

What’s in your bag?

  • 89% of respondents would retain an item of promotional merchandise they had been given in their briefcase, work bag or handbag.
  • 69% would retain the item rather than pass it on to a family or colleague member.
  • USB stick is second only to pens as the most frequently carried item and second most important.

The most popular item of Promotional Merchandise carried around:

  • 10% said a USB stick was their most popular choice.
  • 23% said pens were the most important.
  • 10% stated they carried around key rings.
  • 57% stated that other items were more popular.

The items most likely to be kept by respondents:

  • 38% selected a pen
  • 18% chose USB Sticks
  • 14% would retain their diary
  • 28% said others
  • Whilst only 3% stated their personal organiser.

The study also revealed some very promising statements regarding Promotional Merchandises impact on branding…

  • 71% of respondents had heard of the company that presented them with the item.
  • The same number (71%) could name the company that had presented them with the item.
  • This suggesting that repeat exposure to an item that is used on a regular basis is remembered.
  • 54% of those questioned had already purchased something from one of the companies that had supplied them with a piece of promotional merchandise.

Perhaps the most positive of findings to come from the study is that:

  • 90% of respondents believe that promotional merchandise increases a company’s brand awareness.

So, there you have the proof; Promotional Products Work. Don’t delay in investing in these incredibly sucessful tools to promote your business. We are more than happy to talk you through your endless options for product selection and can advise you on the perfect solution to meet your needs.Promotional Merchandise

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One thought on “Promotional Merchandise: Product Lifespans, Popularity and Impact on Branding

  • Anne Smith

    Studies have long shown that promotional items are the best way of promoting a company. They´re cheap (compared to other forms of advertising) and have the highest re-call rate.