Fresh Ideas: Tie Up those Loose Ends with Branded Ribbon


Did you know: During the sixteenth century, the English Parliament tried to make the wearing of ribbons a right of only the nobility?

In these financially challenging times, we must search for noble solutions that are inexpensive, valuable and functional. A Promotional Item which has proven to tick all of these boxes is Branded Ribbon; an extremely versatile and cost effective solution that simply adds value and a personal touch to wherever it may be applied. Promotional Ribbon looks great on fresh flowers, photos, boxes, corporate prizes, and other wrapped items. There is no time like the present to remind your employees, clients and prospects that you value them and want their business. No one ever says “No Thank you” to a gift and your Promotional Ribbon will help it look unique, special and unforgettable.

An Extremely Versatile Item:

Branded Ribbon is highly diverse in its uses and is far more than a simple strip of material. As well as enhancing existing items you may have around the home or office, Printed Ribbon can be transformed into many other products; Corporate Ribbon can make stylish medal ribbon or cup ribbon for sports trophies or business awards. The beauty of Promotional Ribbon is that it can sit in a drawer and simply be cut as and when it is needed, eliminating any concerns with regards to timeframes or deadlines. Slightly more unconventional uses for ribbon range from hair bows, book markers and hanging implements to camera straps, lanyards or even luggage ties for easy identification of cases during business travel. The reality is that your Branded Ribbon may well be kept and recycled for a number of these uses and the reinforcement of your brand logo will keep you at the forefront of your client’s minds.

Personalised Ribbon makes a gift look more luxurious. Perfume and cosmetic companies use Printed Ribbon extensively on high end products to give their items a look of elegance. Seasonal ribbon, gift ribbon or even custom ribbon with your personal branding will convey a special message. Some of your business professionals may have recently completed a project and you wish to personally thank them in simple yet effective terms. Promotional Ribbons can accomplish those sentiments.

An Ethical Solution:

Branded Packaging can be extremely costly and use up a lot of unnecessary paper and plastics, which is far from an environmentally friendly option for those businesses looking to operate ethically. Using Branded Ribbon in combination with or as an alternative to other branded packaging adds a great finishing touch for those extra special sales, gifts or prizes.

Exhibitions and Tradeshows:

Promotional Ribbon can make a unique branded decoration for a wide variety of corporate, charity, family or even community events. Why not brighten up your office or reception area with some Branded Ribbon as decoration? Clients and Prospects will undoubtedly pick up on your finesse, commitment towards your business and attention to detail created by the use of your Branded Ribbon.

Branded Ribbon is available in variety of colours, widths and finishes and can be printed on both 1 and 2 sides. Tie up those loose ends; show your clients and those who are close to your business that you value them and care about their successes with a gift of appreciation.

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