Fresh Ideas: Refresh Your Promotional Giveaways

Did you know?  Water is absolutely essential to the human body’s survival. A person can live for about a month without food, but only about a week without water.

If you seeking a more innovative, refreshing idea to increase your brand awareness, you can look no further than a Branded Water Bottle as the perfect solution. They are an excellent way to gain maximum exposure for your brand as they are used regularly and can go anywhere. Drinking water leads to increased energy levels. The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild dehydration. So not only are you promoting your brand, you are promoting a healthy working environment.

A Practical Giveaway:

Branded Water Bottles are very practical items for use at the gym, in the office or lunch boxes, days out or even for the morning/afternoon commute. A Water Bottle is an eco efficient solution that everyone seeks, no matter what the demographics of your customers and clients. As long as the customer is using these Branded Bottles they will always remember the name or logo printed on the bottle.

Research carried out by the BPMA highlighted that 89% of respondents stated that a product’s usefulness is the main reason why a promotional item is kept. With this in mind it seems a no brainer to incorporate a Customised Water Bottle into your marketing campaign.

Promote a Healthy Life Style:

Many businesses today are promoting healthy lifestyles and Water Bottles are an ideal promotional item to complement this objective as they are reusable and can be refilled with water. Show your commitment to healthy living and well-being whilst your customers take your brand and message indoors and outdoors allowing it to reach whole new groups of audiences. With the Olympic Games at the forefront of everyone’s mind, now is the perfect time to encourage activity within your business; Sport Bottles will put your company ahead with modern thinking.

Environmentally Friendly:

Although Water Bottles are available in plastic, we also source Bottles made from Glass, Acrylic, Aluminium or even Recycled Materials. Help the environment, eliminate the use of disposable plastic water bottles in your office and promote a green message to your customers. The lifespan of this item is limitless given the reusable nature of the product. Your customers will take note of your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint by providing reusable Bottles.


Personalisation can vary from a one colour screen print to full colour digital print. With a great choice of sizes, styles, colours and bottle/top combinations, we’re sure we will find the right one for your promotion. The possibilities are endless and quantities are reasonable. Some solutions have a minimum quantity of as low as 100 units.

To Sum up, Promotional Drinking Vessels are an ideal way to get your brand in the hands and on the desks of your customers, 365 days a year. They will enhance your marketing campaign at a relatively inexpensive cost, help you make a splash in your market-place and keep your customers hydrated at all times.



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