Effective use of QR Codes in the Educational Environment

QR Codes - Do they really work?

QR Codes – Do they really work? Yes they Do

Despite the success QR codes have experienced in some areas of life on both sides of the Atlantic, most consumers in the U.S. and parts of Europe have been slow to warm to these barcodes. At times, the blocky patterns can be seen as sinister, not to mention that a general lack of knowledge is a primary barrier keeping QR codes from mass acceptance. Most people are not aware of how to use QR codes or are precluded because they do not have a smart phone or the if they do, they do not have the appropriate amount of network coverage to make them work.

While some are focusing their efforts on raising awareness of QR codes and how they can be used, others are adopting alternative technological solutions, citing its ease of use and immediate consumer appeal. However I think it is important to realise that even though new technology is on the horizon i.e. NFC –  Near Field Communication, QR codes still have a place in our in the current environment for some time yet.

While NFC technology has some benefits in the realm of mobile marketing, it is unlikely that it will come to replace QR codes. They may not look appealing in their appearance, but they make up for this with their accessibility and simplicity of use. Consumers need only install a simple QR code scanning application on their mobile / tablet device in order to access the codes. NFC tags, however, can only be accessed by NFC-enabled mobile devices, which are still very rare in the marketplace. Moreover, despite the seeming simplicity of NFC technology, it can be difficult for companies/organisations to implement and use these effectively. Whereas QR codes are markedly more user-friendly and can easily be set up and implemented in to our day to day environment, however the more insight and understand becomes available the more people can begin to implement them more effectively. Below is a video highlighting how QR codes can easily be implemented in to the education environment.

Effective use of QR Codes in the Classroom

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