Top Tips

Simple basic marketing insight to help improve your brand identity.

“Thank You” – It’s Just Good Manners

As a busy person it’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day business in chasing our tail that we forget to maintain, practice and employ the simple basics of life and human interaction that are so fundamentally important to each and every one of us. The simple task […]


Thank You Chocolate

The Attitude of Gratitude

We are told that business is all about giving, and the more we give the more we receive. Well that’s the theory; however business is all about give and take. In return for remuneration we give products, services, advice and time, and then we do the same in reverse to […]

Top Tip: Assumptions

Following on from a theme that I mentioned on Twitter the other day about never making Assumptions in Life and especially in Business. Jim Barker at Jim Barker Cartoons and Graphics could not have put it more in to context than with this perfect cartoon. My original Tweet was sharing an […]

Assume Nothing

When you are Green you Grow when your Ripe you Rot.

Good Advice: Food for Thought

One of the most valuable and sustaining pieces of advice I’ve received came early in my career, soon after I left university in the late 1980’s, and it still applies today. I was attending a sales training course with Pitney Bowes. The words of the sales trainer who gave the course, whose name I must […]

Top Tip #17

Top Tip #17 Buy your Promotional Merchandise from us! Happysmile Ltd is endorsed by the ‘BPMA’ meaning you will benefit from our: Professionalism Happysmile follows a strict BPMA code of conduct to protect end users Knowledge and expertise A written product specification will be produced and agreed Samples can be provided to ensure […]



Top Tip #16

Top Tip #16 Dos and Don’ts of Promotional Merchandise: Do give out something people want. Relevant promotional merchandise will likely be kept by the recipient and used regularly, creating the opportunity for your brand to be kept at the fore front of your stakeholders’ minds. Do ask for something in […]

Top Tip #15

Top Tip #15 Promotional Merchandise can boost employee performance: Research shows that employees are willing to work hard for awards and incentives. Increased performance is even higher when competing in teams instead of as individuals. Why not incentivise your employees and sales teams to reach their targets with the aid […]



Top Tip #14

Top Tip #14 Promotional Merchandise provides high message recall: Studies show that in terms of creating awareness among a selective, segmented audience: Promotional Products beat newspaper advertising by a 2-to-1 ratio. The same study revealed that: 68 percent of those recipients remembered the company’s name or message. So don’t delay, […]

Top Tip #13

Corporate Identity:

When selecting a promotional item for your organisation be aware of the colours and design of your branding along with your company artwork.

It makes your promotional products more powerful if they fit closely with your branding and supports your business identity more effectively.