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“Thank You” – It’s Just Good Manners

As a busy person it’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day business in chasing our tail that we forget to maintain, practice and employ the simple basics of life and human interaction that are so fundamentally important to each and every one of us. The simple task […]


Networking 101

Networking 101: Is It Time for a Network Audit?

Do you actually know the state of the relationships in your network? At the simplest level, a good way to assess the effectiveness of the relationship you hold with these people is to ask yourself this one simple question. Would they take your call if you called them right now? Now […]

Networking 101: What Are Your Networking Goals?

I appreciate that this may seem a rhetorical question, but honestly ask yourself what your is goal when you are out networking. Are you just out for the socialising in the hope you may meet someone that may need your business or be a useful contact? Progressing on from our last Networking […]

Networking 101

Networking 101

Networking 101 – How do you filter Prospects from Suspects?

The Sales and Marketing landscape has changed drastically in the past few years with the growth of Digital and Social Media. Therefore the time has come for you to look at your existing new business acquisition strategy and brush up or improve your existing networking skills. In the coming weeks we […]

Top Tip: Assumptions

Following on from a theme that I mentioned on Twitter the other day about never making Assumptions in Life and especially in Business. Jim Barker at Jim Barker Cartoons and Graphics could not have put it more in to context than with this perfect cartoon. My original Tweet was sharing an […]

Assume Nothing

When you are Green you Grow when your Ripe you Rot.

Good Advice: Food for Thought

One of the most valuable and sustaining pieces of advice I’ve received came early in my career, soon after I left university in the late 1980’s, and it still applies today. I was attending a sales training course with Pitney Bowes. The words of the sales trainer who gave the course, whose name I must […]

Social Media Strategies for SMEs

The nature and technological platforms of social media marketing are in constant evolution. In order for SME’s to stay afloat and adapt with these changing communication tools we it must be remembered that the underlying principles of marketing still apply and do not change. The following blog post runs through […]

Social Media

Ask a Question

QUIZ: Are your Promotional Items working for you?

Everybody knows that promotions, and in particular promotional freebees, are a great part of the marketing toolkit. It is no surprise for us to hear that individuals will think of a business more favourably if they have been given something by them for free. But how and when such merchandise […]

Top Tip #2

People Buy People First.

Business is all about relationships: Success in business will be dependant on the relationships you have not only with your Customers but also with your Suppliers.

The sooner this is realised the more successful you will be; not as a business person, but as an organisation.

People by people first. Why do you think people like dealing with family run businesses? Because they feel a connection and rapport with the organisation and the family as a whole.

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