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Networking 101: What Are Your Networking Goals?

I appreciate that this may seem a rhetorical question, but honestly ask yourself what your is goal when you are out networking. Are you just out for the socialising in the hope you may meet someone that may need your business or be a useful contact? Progressing on from our last Networking […]

Networking 101

Promo 101

We have developed a simple guide to help you understand the Who, What, When, Where and Why’s of Promotional Products and the benifits of using them in promoting your brand. Promotional Products are an ideal solution for Networking Events, Trade Shows, Rewards and Give Aways to new and exisiting customers. It […]

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QR Code 101: Event Promotional Graphics

I appreciate the jury is still out on the benefits of QR Codes. A lot of brands and marketers still seem perplexed on how to best employ them within their marketing activity. Like all marketing channels a focused strategy needs to be employed on what you want to achieve with […]

Effective use of QR Codes in the Educational Environment

Despite the success QR codes have experienced in some areas of life on both sides of the Atlantic, most consumers in the U.S. and parts of Europe have been slow to warm to these barcodes. At times, the blocky patterns can be seen as sinister, not to mention that a […]

QR Codes - Do they really work?