Brand Building with Promotional Merchandise

If you are looking for a means to increase brand equity and brand identity, Promotional Merchandise is the perfect solution for you. Not only are Promotional Items more cost efficient than traditional advertising methods, but they certainly convey a stronger impression to customers of your products and services.

The strong message created with regards to your firm’s commitment to quality and reliability delivered via your Promotional Items will cement a positive brand identity for your business in your customers’ minds. Promotional Merchandise can also reinforce your brand message with attention to detail. Each and every time these items are used, they will be exposed to the public which will ultimately generate brand awareness for your organisation.

Promotional Products appeal to your target customers and give them a reason to help you advertise to other potential customers through word of mouth referrals. They are an extremely affordable form of advertising when compared with that of print or broadcast advertising. Remember, unlike other forms of advertising, Promotional Merchandise does not quickly expire! A Promotional Item remains valuable to your business for as long as the product is kept and used by the recipient – research proves this to be an average of three years. So the key to product selection is to provide items that will be of use to your stakeholders. By the time a Promotional Product has retired by the customer, it will have long since justified its original production cost. You never know, it might even get passed on to a friend or family member: this will further enhance your brand equity by creating potential new leads for your company.

Whether you are looking for low cost Promotional Items to hand out in bulk at trade show events or perhaps just a small quantity of high-end Corporate Gifts to send out to your important clients, they will have the same weighting of impact on your brand reputation providing they are of use to the recipient. Your stakeholders will be delighted with your token gesture and spread the word of your generosity.

Building your Brand

We can help you tailor your Promotional Items to echo your brand values; our team will advise you throughout the purchasing process on factors such as pricing, materials and colour choices; to ensure your Promotional Merchandise is nothing other than perfect.

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2 thoughts on “Brand Building with Promotional Merchandise

  • Anne Smith

    Really good articule Laura! Promotional products are definitely a fantastic way of creating a relationship with a client. They have an extremely high recall rate and work out much cheaper relatively than other forms of communication. The key is tailoring the item to the client so what is suitable for an executive client (desk items, leather items etc.) obviously won´t be suitable for a giveaway at a trade show (pens, caps, drawstring bags etc.). Keep up the good work!

  • Davarni

    Informative article, thanks for sharing. Promotional products are indeed cost effective marketing tool. Having a company name and logo printed on these promotional items promotes brand awareness for a business. Choose an item that will lasts, customer’s constant use of these items guarantees a good exposure for your brand. For promo items from Australia you may also check out