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Green Chain - Screen Print Example

The Pros and Cons of Screen Printing vs. Embroidery

One day, the time will come when you are faced with the dilema of whether to Screen Print or Embroider your company Logo. There are a number of factors which may influence such a decision; Timescales, Budget, Design, Product Quanties and the Complexity of the Branding you require. To illustrate the visual differences between these […]

Top Tip #13

Corporate Identity:

When selecting a promotional item for your organisation be aware of the colours and design of your branding along with your company artwork.

It makes your promotional products more powerful if they fit closely with your branding and supports your business identity more effectively.



Top Tip #12

The Test Of Time:

When selecting a promotional item for your organisation try to select a product that will last the test of time as fickle, trendy items can easily become discontinued due to the timely nature of their popularity and will leave you stranded if the item proves a real hit.

Therefore be warned that seasonal trendy products may likely by their nature be discontinued. Selecting well established items will ensure easy restocking and replenishment when stocks are required for other events.

Top Tip #11

Quality Product:

When Selecting a promotional product for that special occasion or special clients consider choosing a quality brand for your promotional message to help increase the perceived value of your brand and your message as a whole.

When a recipient is given an quality branded item they recognise, they are immediately making an assessment of you, your message and your brand.


Top Tip #9

Select Your Promotional Items Wisely:

The quality of your promotional gifts are a reflection of the quality of your businesses products and services.

Choosing the right promotional products is very important as it will speak volumes about the quality of your organisation and it’s products and services.

Promotional products that are poor in quality and finish present a poor reflection of your brand and may well be discarded quickly, which does more damage than good and is a waste of money.



Top Tip #8

Choose An Appropriate Solution:

When selecting a promotional Item to support your initiative, don’t get caught up in the latest trend.

Instead of choosing products based on uniqueness, price or perceived value, choose an item appropriate to your business your service offering or one that supports the overall theme of  your campaign.

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Top Tip #7

Define Your Message:

When using promotional products in some cases, you’ll only print your organisations name or logo, in other instances, clever copy ties your promotional piece and solution together, providing a better impact.

For example a IT Software Testing and Quality Assurance Provider wanted to promote its Testing Services so they printed “Taking the risk out our of your software development” on to Poker Chips to emphasise benefits of using their service offering.

Cleaver Copy can show your creative ability and reinforce your brand position.

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